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RPF Constable Exam 2nd February 2019 Questions Asked  


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RPF Constable Exam  2nd February 2019 Questions Asked

RPF Constable Exam Analysis 2nd February Shift 1 - General Awareness

  • Which state is the biggest producer of Rubber in India?
  • Who is the writer of the book “Mean Kaimf”?
  • Which is the largest river in the world?
  • What is the In-Chair duration in Rajya Sabha?
  • How does an economy get affected due to inflation?
  • Which is the most populous community of Tribals in India?
  • Who was the first king to introduce the use of Gold Coins in India?
  • Where is Bibi Ka Makabara Located?
  • What is Blue Revolution (Nili Kranti) related to?
  • World Bank also call it “International Reinforcement and Development Bank is located in which city”?
  • where did Jain Spiritual leader Mahavir disown his body?
  • Bull fight is the National sport of which Nation?
  • Which state has the longest borderline in India?
  • Vice- President is the chairman for which house of Indian Parliament?
  • Where is ISRO situated?
  • Pockmarks develop in which part of the Human Body?
  • Who is the first Women Astronaut in the World?
  • Sundarbans is mainly famous for which indigenous Animal?
  • Sun is built with which substance?
  • Which part of the body get affected by ’Pilea’?
  • In how many days does Moon completes one revolution around the Earth?
  • Who initiated to stop Sati Pratha in india?
  • What is the minimum Age to cast a vote?
  • What is the highest density of Water?
  • Where is Sodium Kept?
  • Where is Golden Temple Situated?
  • Where is WHO situated?
  • Which planet is known as the ‘Red Planet’?
  • When was the first Rail was started in India?
  • Who invented the vaccine for ‘Haija’?
  • Loknayak is the other name of which Indian Icon?
  • Which Ved gives the information about ‘Aryas’?
  • Who is known as the maker of Indian Constitution?
  • Which is the largest Gland in the Human Body?
  • Which gas is most densely available in our Atmosphere?
  • Who invented Oxygen?

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