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Questions Asked in RRB Group D 1st October 2018  


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Who was the Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir?
Who is the current Lok Sabha speaker?
Which actor has won the Padma Vibhushan?
Who is the President of USA?
Who is the CEO of Adobe?
Who got the Best Actress Award at 64th Filmfare Awards? Sonam Kapoor
Who has been honoured with the Scientific and Engineering Academy Award at the Oscars
Scientific and Technical Awards 2018? Vikas Sathaye
Fastest Cricketer to reach 8000 ODI runs mark? Virat Kohli
Where is Valley of Fowers? Uttarakhand
How many chromosomes are present in an unfertilized egg cell? 23 chromosomes
Day on 5 March 2020? Thursday
Second capital of Himachal Pradesh? Dharamshala
a + 1/a = -√3 then find a^3 + 1/a^3 = 0
Formula of Power= Work/ Time
When was Quit India Movement Launched? 1942
Atomic Mass of Carbon? 12.011 atomic mass units
Formula of Pressure= Thrust/area
Want: Yearn:: punishment: ?
Who is the first Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest four times? Anshu Jamsenpa
Who was the information & broadcasting minister in Feb 2018? Smriti Irani
In which field Krishna Sobti got Jnanpith award? Hindi Literature
Earth: Ball:: Pancake: DISK
One question related to Fiba championship.
Who shifted the capital from Delhi to Daultabad? Mohammad Bin Tughluq
How many medals did India win in Asia 2017 Wrestling Championship? 10
Leader of Loksabha? Narendra Modi
Who won FIBA Asia Cup 2017? Australia
A father gave 2/5 of the total money he had to his child. The child donated 1/3 from the money he
got. If the donated money was Rs.16858. Find the total amount father had initially? 1,26,435
Name of the player in ESPN Top 100 Fame List? Virat Kohli
Which movie got the Filmfare award 2017? Dangal
In Nov 2017, the total amount of Rice sold by all the states was 35 Lakhs. Out of all the states,
Chennai sold 20%. What was the total amount of Rice sold by Chennai state? 7 Lakhs
One question related to Padma Vibhushan.
Venn Diagram: Mobile, Electronics , Laptop
In a right angled triangle, the Hypotenuse is 15 cm, Perpendicular is 12 cm, Find Base? 9 cm
Questions related to Periodic Table scientists
If HEN is written as EWN. COCK will be written as?
10 Men or 12 Women can do a piece of work in 10 days. In how many days can 8 Men & 10
Women do the same work?
Root of 5776?
Ratio of ages of A and B is 7:3. After 4 years the ratio changes to 2:1 . Find the present age of A?
x35%=56. Find x?
What type of element is hydrogen?
Mass(M)=5, Acceleration(A)=5, Find the value of Force (F)
How many periods and groups are there in Modern Periodic Table?
What type of Lens is present in the Human Eye?
pH value of Blood?
Which of the following element is present in Coca-Cola?
Soyabean is rich in which nutrient?
Which species of plant has body which is different from others?
How many bones are present in a child?

Heaviest element in the periodic table?
Which is Rabindranath Tagore’s School
Where is Nainital lake situated?
Which is the second capital of Himachal Pradesh>
Which two airports connect through the PM’s Uddan Scheme?
Who won the World Badminton Championship(Women) 2017?
Who is the Governor of Mizoram?
Who is the CEO of Apple?
Who is the CM of Gujarat?
National Bird of Myanmar?
Who won the Mangeshkar award 2017?
Puja Kadiyan is related to which sport?
Who won the Padmashree Award 2017?
Who won the french open 2018?
What is the capital of Mongolia?
Oscar award for the best film 2018?
IIFA award for the best actress 2017?
Who is the Brand Ambassador of Uttarakhand?
Who is known as the Rocket Man of India?
First female cricketer to score 6000 runs in ODI?
According to surface area, what is the rank of India?
How many digits are there in the numbers between 1 to 1000?
If x+1/x=root3, then find the value of x^3+1/x^3?
How many perfect square factors are there in 729?
Largest organ in the human body?
pH value of Acid?
SI unit of Power?
Valency of Bromine?
Which non-metal is lustrous in nature?
SI unit of Force?
What is the value of room temperature?
pH value of Vinegar?
Atomic number of Chlorine?
Molecular Mass of Calcium?
To which group do noble gases belong to?
Which film won the Oscar for the best film in 2016?
Who was the winner of U-17 FIFA World Cup 2017?
Krishna Sobti is related to which field?
Who won the Science & Technology award 2018?
Who is the governor of Odisha?
What is the full form of HTML?
Who has climbed the Mt. Everest 7 times?
Where is the Valley of Flower National Park situated?
Who is the Brand Ambassador of VIVO?
Which countries were involved in Garun Shakti 2018?
NOKIA company is from which country?
Who is the owner of Chennai Super Kings?
SI unit of Power? Watt
What principle of conservation does rocket work on? Conservation of Momentum
Who got Padma Vibushan 2018 award in music & arts field? Ilaiyaraja Maestro
A 10 kg object changes its velocity from 5 m/s to 20 m/s in 5 sec span. Find Force? 30 N
Udan first flight: Shimla to Delhi
Rank of India in Global Hunger Index? 100

Maximum Age of Pension in NPS? 65
First UNESCO world heritage site in India? Ajanta, Ellora, Agra Fort, Taj Mahal (1983)
Leg: Dance::Tail: Wag
One question related to Potential & Kinetic Energy
CM of Uttarakhand? Trivendra Singh Rawat
Runner up of 2017 Hockey World Cup?
State flower of Jharkhand? Sacred Tree


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