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Questions Asked in RRB Group D 3rd October 2018  


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What is the original name of Savita Ambedkar?
Which is the second largest agricultural sector in India?
What is the name of the sport where the sportsman is considered best even when he/she has not
secured the first position?
In which section of the constitution the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe is mentioned?
When was United Nations established?
Which literature book is a proof of 2 Ashwamedh Pushyamitra Sung
Who played lead role in the movie NEWTON?
Who has the highest follower in tweeter in India?
Who is the Ambassador of One Plus Mobile?
Where is Salt Lake Stadium situated?
Questions from Nobel Prize – ICAN
To which game does Gurmeet Singh belong?
Where is Otwa Masjid Situated?
Best movie at IIFA Awards?
Which region is present on the banks of Sabarmati River?
Who got Khel Ratna Award 2017?
First Indian Women to win Medal in Olympics
From where do Toda tribe belong?
Who wrote the book “one Girl’?
Who is the governor of Odisha?
Who is the CM of Uttarakhand?
Who is the CEO of LAVA?
Find the element for which electronic config is 2, 8, 6.
Periodic Table questions – With Symbols
Find the element for which electronic config is 2, 8, 6.
Periodic Table questions – With Symbols
Draw Venn Diagram for Bus, Engine, Piston
Direction – 1 qs
Count the number of Squares
If 19th April 2017 was Monday, then what will be the day of 20th April 2018?
Find the mirror image of FACT.
Find the missing number – 8, 14, 23, ?, 50
Which gas is called Gobar gas?
Who discovered insulin?
Who is called the Father of Genetics?
Which nutritious component restricts the heat within the body?
Which is the best malleable metal?
What is the molecular mass of Water?
In which type of forests are Sundari trees found?
On which principle does an oil lamp work?
Find the element when the electronic configuration is given. What is the name of the lake between
Hyderabad and Secunderabad?
Who is the chief Secretary of Delhi Govt?
Who wrote Satyarth Prakash?
In which court did Lord Cunning announce the Crown rule in India?
Who was the first Indian to be a member of Communist International Society?
Which recent language work is considered to be the most important?
Which country is the origin of Chritianity and Islam?
In which state is the Kozikode harbor situated?
Which is the third Highest National Award in India?
Who got the Award of Best Social Film?
Who wrote the book ‘Why I am a Hindu”

Draw the venn digram for Vehicle, bys, car.
Which day was 1st March 2018?
Find the Mirror image of 5 o’ clock
Complete the series 11,13,17,19, ?
You are given two numbers which are greater than 29, HCF of 2 nos is 29, and LCM of the
numbers is 4197. Find the Sum of both numbers.
What is the square of 121?
What is the scientific name of Solar Cell?
What will happen to the value of current when resistance is connected in series?
How many metalloids are there in Periodic table?
Which part of brain is responsible for maintaining balance?
How does amoeba divide?
What is the mass of a body if it moves with an acceleration of 5m/s2 when a force of 100N?
Which metal has 2,8,3 as its electronic configuration? Aluminium
Which Indian was awarded with Olympics gymnastics medal 2018? Dipa karmakar
One question related to the scheme launched by Arun Jaitley
One question related to Displacement reaction.
National animal of Andhra Pradesh? BlackBuck
S Pronoy is associated with which field? Badminton
Who won the 2016 Indira Gandhi award for national integration? T.M Krishna
Non Reactive Elements are present in which group of Periodic Table? Group 18
In which group Sulphur is Present in the Periodic table? Group 16
Best Movie Filmfare Award 2017? Dangal
One question related to Fibonacci series
64th national film award 2017 best film- kaasav
Question related to Chandragupta II
Instruments: play:: Bell : ? Ring
Bones are connected by? Ligaments
(x-2)² – 36 = 0 ; x#0 ; find x? 8
Author of One Indian Girl? Chetan Baghat
One question related to teeth PH Value.
Which among the following actors has more followers on Twitter? Amitabh Bachchan
KK Birla Foundation Saraswati Samman Award 2017? Gujarati writer Sitanshu Yashaschandra
Who was the actor in the Movie Newton? Rajkumar Rao
Electronic Configuration Diagram
One question related to chemical symbol.
Venn Diagram: English, Chinese, One more language was given
Gurmeet Singh is associated with which sport? Race Walk
Which metalloid is used in solar cell? Silicon
Who was the CM of Punjab as on 18 march 2018? Captain Amrinder Singh
Oxalic acid is found in which fruit? Tomato
Name the new capital of Andhra Pradesh? Amravati
Which movie was awarded with IIFA, 2017? Neerja
One question related to remainder theorm. The number was 63105 and the remainder was 4.
How many metalloids are there in Periodic table?
One question related to hormone secreted by Prostate gland
One question on fission
Who shifted the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad? Mohd bin Tughlaq
One question related to oil refinery recently set up by the Indian government?
Who wrote the biography of APJ Abdul Kalam? Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam
(1999), former President of India. It was written by Dr. Kalam and Arun
Count the no of Triangles in the given figure
HCF & LCM related questions


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